Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sweet Sensual Lover,

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile at me from across a crowded room, your gentle smile emanating wistful memories and desire. My body reacts even now, with need, when I close my eyes and imagine you. If you saw me today would you still look at me with such passionate intention? Have I left you with an unquenchable need to have me, no matter how much your head tells you ‘no’?

Despite the years that have passed between us, desire to fulfill fate always finds me. I’ve tried to tuck away the past, but I will always remember your touch. I crave it as I write these words. Yesterday I couldn’t resist the desire welling up in me anymore. I gave in as the house grew quiet with sleep, closing my eyes so that I could see you there with me. Your eyes smiled back at me in understanding.

I could feel the wetness growing between my legs, my nipples hardening, as I felt a slight breeze wisp across my breasts. I imagined it was your hot breath, your tongue so near, wanting to taste the temptation. Do you ever ‘feel’ the struggle to resist temptation on those lonely nights in your candle light and incense filled dreams? That’s me, beckoning you to join me where we can express freely the insatiable desire to pleasure one another.

Crisp sheets feel cold against my skin as I lay here bared, body and soul, waiting for your touch. My fingers touch my skin softened with age and childbearing, the imperfections disappearing, as the lust of satisfaction drive me forward. You’re here lying next to me, watching the intensity of desire play across my face and you can’t help but slip a finger or two inside me. I rub my clit, teasing it, until together our fingers harmoniously push me over the edge. Our heated moans of desire break the silence in the room. Your breath quickens, keeping rhythm with my own. My body shakes and quivers with the pleasure I feel. I’m satisfied, but I know that with you laying next to me it won’t be long before your hardness pressing against me, entices me. As if I would ever deny you of experiencing the heightened arousal and completeness of ecstasy. Maybe completeness isn’t the word I wish to use, for if I make you feel as you’ve made me feel, there will always be the craving for more. Do you still crave me, even now?

Every day I think of you and wonder how you are, wishing I could see you if only for a moment. Your brief hellos and familiar smile could keep me spirited for days … bringing me frequent dreams of shared intimacy and lustful encounters. Now as I think of you, so far away, I often think of the shared moments between us and remember your touch so vividly, it’s as if you’re here with me now. I smell the scent of incense wafting through the air and your nakedness, lying in wait on your bed, your freshly showered skin glowing in the candle light, waiting for my touch.

Your strong hands caressed me gently with such intent, you intoxicated me. It’s such a high to be so freely expressing one’s deepest fantasies, and in clarity, to be able to still feel your hard cock in my hand, slipping deliciously between my lips. My wet pussy begs to be able to feel your beautiful uncut hardness, to experience what my mouth was so hungry for. Would you take your time and imprint every stroke to your memory? Or maybe in a fevered heat you’d fuck me hard, after all I’ve made you wait so long…

Though music has and always will play a part in bringing us together where we find ourselves getting lost in passionate glances and hopeful flirting, I find myself dreaming often of many different encounters. I suspect it will play an important part in our eventual need to consummate this unwavering desire to ‘know’ each other. For it is not only physical, but an emotional fulfillment. Time has allowed us to age gracefully and appreciate the words shared between us. We are much more than passing acquaintances, you are my friend.

And in knowing that, I’ve often imagined us meeting unexpectedly, near the water always plays an important part. We choose to talk for a while … the sexual tension between us is so thick. I gaze at your lips as they form words and imagine myself kissing you, just a taste. A warm breeze swirls around us, as I feel a gentle caress on my cheek. And there you are inches from my face, I know what you want. There really isn’t any need for words, but I can’t keep myself from moaning your name, as you lean in and brush your lips against mine. Only a moment is spent feeling guilty for what I’m about to do… all I know is that this is something that needed to be.

Your kiss becomes more demanding and I willingly surrender. My knees are weak and threaten to buckle under me. We part for a moment, searching the beach for a more private place to carry on our unspoken conversation. In one particular fantasy, we are half way to the deserted lighthouse. You take my hand, and lead me into temptation.

We stop just on the other side of the lighthouse, where beyond, there seems to be nothing but dark of night and the sound of water gently lapping at the base of our private little rendezvous. The quarter moon shines bright enough for us to see each other’s features, softened, yet intense with desire to continue what we had begun.

“Are you ok?” you ask. I answer simply by placing my hand on your chest, and leaning in closer, my lips hungrily taste yours. I can feel your heartbeat quicken, as our kiss deepens. Your fingers become entwined in my hair, as your hand firmly grasps the side of my neck, forcing my head to tilt back in surrender. Your hot kisses burn against my smoldering flesh. Your other hand gently traces the outside edge of my right breast. You cup it as we kiss with more need, your thumb finding the bareness just beyond the plunging border of my neckline. My flesh responds with goose-bumps. Not from the warm breeze, but from your touch.

“Mmmmm” is all I hear over the slight lapping sound of the waves. My pussy is so wet and I know subconsciously it will be much like waves cresting, against the hardness of your cock. Nervousness, in anticipation for this moment, was melting away quickly, my panties catching the droplets of desire I couldn’t hold back from expressing for you. I’m not sure I ever told you, how I only need to be in a room with you, to quench my need. Now imagine what your touch and mutual desire does to me…

Your lips leave mine to trace the soft lines of my neck again. A scent of musk and sweet night air permeate your senses, as you inhale deeply, plunging deeper towards the hills and valley of my breasts. I cradle your head, encouraging your ravenous exploration.

In the distance, a light shines from a small craft coming home to port. Despite being lost in the moment the reality is that we could be discovered at any moment. Our need for an in depth exploration won’t be played out at this moment, but we both know that we won’t be leaving without finishing what we started. Not this time…

You look at me with hope in your eyes, as I smile and give you a nod of approval, brushing the palm of my hand firmly against the hardness in your shorts. I want to feel you inside of me. You slide behind me, your hands exploring, as you do so. The bottom of my sundress dances in the breeze, as I feel you press up against me. Your hands cup my breasts, kneading their fleshiness and gently pinching my nipples. My head falls back against your chest, as I reach in front of me to hold on to the bottom rung of the metal ladder that extends upwards.

One hand is still caressing my breast … your other reaches down to slide up the inside of my right thigh. I can feel your heated breath and moist kisses on my neck and your fingers tracing the edge of my panties. My grip on the ladder tightens as I prepare for your initial penetration. Your fingers slip closer to my womanhood, as you rub my juices over my slit. You slip two fingers in, as you press yourself harder against me. My deep sigh of approval is carried away on the night wind.

I steady myself, as our passions rise. I feel my dress lift above the roundness of my ass and the silkiness of my panties slide over my thighs to get caught up at my knees. “Remove your panties Laurie”, you demand. They slide down around my ankles and I step out of them one foot at a time, tossing them uncaring to the side.

Your strong, manly hands caress my ass, kneading and squeezing with intense need to take me. Slipping your fingers back into my swollen, wet pussy, you cover your fingers with my juices, tasting me. You offer me a taste…

“Taste how much you want me Laurie,” you whisper. I slowly suck my juices from your fingers one by one. You are remembering my hot, wet, loving mouth on your hardness so many years ago, making love to it, to you… drinking every drop of your sweet nectar. I loved the way you tasted, like some sweet dessert to be savored. The sensation of me sensually sucking on your fingertips sends shocks o f insatiable need to your cock.

“I want to fuck you so bad”, you say huskily and a bit out of breath. I can feel you tugging at your pants, removing the restrictions that keep you from sliding into my wet pussy and pounding me hard. You grab firmly a hold of the curve of my neck, as I feel your hardness enter me.

“Mmmmmy God!” I couldn’t remember ever being filled up so deliciously. You take your sweet time, sliding in and out teasing me with your length. Your grip tightens and your thrust becomes more driven.

“Oh yeah, fuck me so good baby”, I moan. It isn’t that I don’t crave romance, but there are times when you just want to fuck and feel good. To satisfy those desires and cravings that, have built up over time, begging for release. The whole time teasing you, like foreplay, and the imminent need to climax. Sometimes you just have to satisfy that lustful need.

I feel both your hands reach for my shoulders, one taking hold of my outstretched neck. You hold on just tight enough to show your authority, not giving me any room to escape. My back arches slightly, with my head thrown back in ecstasy. My ass meeting each stroke of your hard cock to be sure you are buried deep within me. “Feels so good…”

If it was even possible, I feel your cock thicken, as you near release. I can feel the initial throbbing just before. You are so close… And then I feel your lips against the base of my neck, kissing me. I can’t take it anymore … Your cock in my wet pussy and your warm, wet lips kissing my upper back and neck. You found my secret erogenous zone. My pussy begins milking your hardness, as each wave of sexual satisfaction washes over me. I am lost in the pleasure you are giving me and I’m being a little too vocal with appreciation. Your grip involuntarily tightens a bit more, warning me of being too loud. But it only serves to heighten the pleasure I feel rippling outward exciting every nerve-ending.

The freedom I give you to express your need for dominance excites you. Only a couple more thrusts deep into my waiting pussy and you can’t hold back any longer. I feel your hot seed shooting into me, filling me. A couple more thrusts to be sure you have completely expelled your juices into me. And as you press against my back, laying your head down upon me in stillness, we listen to the sounds around us; to the water lapping against the rocks, the wind swirling gently around us and to our breathing that has begun to slow. I feel your lips against my back sending another small ripple through my body, as I feel you slowly pull out of me. I don’t want to feel the emptiness…

I open my eyes, as you slowly turn me to face you, the skirt of my dress falling down over my nakedness. You have already pulled up your shorts in case we are to be surprised by passing hikers. And I hadn’t thought to look for my panties … no matter they have been carried away by a light breeze, to land serenely on the water’s surface.

I lean back against the side of the lighthouse, still unsteady from our mutual explorations. You lift my chin, our eyes meeting. I expect to still see animal lust dancing within, but instead they are filled with love and admiration. They mirror my own. What we felt needed no explanation or words. I feel a rush of emotions, as you lean in for a kiss. Your lips taste mine with such gentleness. I melt into you, wrapping my arms around your shoulders, cradling you against me, as we share our intimate kiss. Slowly and sensually at first and then our tongues slip past moist lips, meeting like too long lost lovers. They entwine, dancing their erotic slow dance. I want you again, but so much slower .I want to make love to you …

But I know we can’t stay … As long as I am with you I feel fulfilled and happy, but I knew that would soon change and I would feel such emptiness. Maybe our memories would keep us until we met again …

For every night I smell the scent of your skin, feel your body against mine, hear your whispered words of passion and I see the love in your eyes…

Yours Forever…With Love

Friday, July 24, 2009

Writing.Com: Dreams of Desire

Writing.Com: Dreams of Desire: "Deep in thought all alone,
You drift into my dreams.
Wishing I could see you,
By gentle flowing streams.

Miles between so far away,
Locked within my heart.
I feel your passion inside,
Where we’re never apart.

But to gaze into your eyes,
Would fill me with desire.
Into blue depths your soul,
Stokes my passionate fire.

Though it cannot soon be,
Our desired unity of lust.
I give to you these words,
For which you may entrust.

I think of you all the time,
Whether it’s morn’ or night.
I feel your words of need,
As one our souls take flight.

Imagine a perfect union,
At a mountainous retreat.
Under enchanted forests,
Our passions find defeat.

On the shores of Big Bear,
Along water’s steep ledge.
Naked to the moonlight,
Body and soul we pledge.

The fantasies we dream,
Find life in written word.
Upon a warm soft breeze,
Our whispers surely heard.

Deep in thought all alone,
We drift into our fantasy.
Where fiery desires dwell,
And wait for you and me."

Writing.Com: Story of Lust

Writing.Com: Story of Lust: "Listen to me carefully,
An erotic story will be told,
Of our passions inflamed,
And lusty desires I behold.

You lie next to me aroused,
So filled with intense desire,
For you treat me like a lady,
Not a cheap woman for hire.

Your touch is full of passion,
Caressing my generous breast,
Fingers burning my soft flesh,
On holy ground where they rest.

My sexy legs you push aside,
As you enter Heaven’s gate,
For you want to be inside,
To taste me you cannot wait.

First licks from your tongue,
Drive me so wild and insane,
As I raise my feminine hips,
From the floor they sprang.

Bucking and moaning loudly,
I endlessly begged for more,
You fulfilled my every wish,
Tongue-fuck me to the core.

Unable to hold back longer,
I released on your wet tongue,
Writhing, groaning, moaning,
Of your praises I freely sung.

Lay down flat on your back,
And I’ll straddle your hips,
Ride you ever so frantically,
My breasts tease your wet lips.

Fast and hard you I will ride,
My pussy grinds hard cock,
Oh please cum for me baby,
Your juices I wish to unlock.

You’re firmly grasping my hips,
Controlling each downward thrust,
“I’m cumming”, you groaned,
As you were filling me with lust.

You gave me your eternal love,
Even though it was a great sin,
I promise you now and forever,
“Now can we do it once again?”"

Writing.Com: Words of Passion

Writing.Com: Words of Passion: "Words of passion, you easily speak,
That make me feel wanted, and so alive.
A mutual attraction, we both shall seek,
Into forbidden hot lust, we secretly dive.

I feel your burning, tender, loving kiss,
Along the surface, of my aroused soft skin.
Lead me deeply, into sweet sexual bliss,
With you I surrender, my sensual heart will sin.

Love me ever so intimately, no advances barred,
Bend me over dominantly, spread apart my legs.
Tease me, love me, sucking my nipples hard,
You say I feel so fucking good, to me he begs.

With only you, my desire reaches new heights,
Out loud I cry and moan, after each deep thrust.
Between what's right and wrong, my mind fights,
If you say you need me, then have me, you must."

Writing.Com: Incense & Innocence

Writing.Com: Incense & Innocence: "The heady scent of Musk
invades my numbed senses.
Smoke drifts through the night,
weakening my strong defenses.

Candlelight flickers sensuously,
drawing me into it's erotic dance.
There you are naked upon the bed,
pulling me deeper into a lover's trance.

My innocence, long since gone.
Yet I tremble nervously at your touch.
I wonder what there is to fear,
when we want each other so much?

The passion I had lost, resurfaces,
reawakening with your gentle caress.
Between desire and heated kisses,
it is you I've longed for, I confess.

You simply smile, eyes sparkling bright.
You pull me closer, hushing me with your lips.
Tongues mingle in an explorative dance,
fingertips leaving trails along goose-fleshed hips.

Our union consummated, intoxicated by incense.
Together we find our love and lost innocence."

Writing.Com: Entanglement

Writing.Com: Entanglement: "Thick calloused hands
upon silky smooth skin.
Whispered breath, arousing
baited words of sin.
Tender kisses, suckling
mounds of tender flesh.
Two bodies entwined
joined together
in a lover's tangle,
they mesh.

Her hair entangles around
his gentle caresses, exploring.
Fingertips, tracing along
goose-fleshed valleys, teasing.
A trace of softness lingers
upon his tongue, as he
tastes her
lovely sweetness.

Their musky sexual perfume
lingers within the dewy
summer nights breeze,
enticing them further.
Until, neither can
take much more ~
Simultaneously, they
beg for release."

Writing.Com: Our Secret Place

Writing.Com: Our Secret Place: "Meet me in our Secret Place,
Deep inside our dreams desire.
I’ll recognize your loving face,
Your eyes ablaze, a passion’s fire.

Inside we’ll find our imaginings,
Of our perfect pleasure palace.
We’ll explore love’s beginnings,
As we share the lover’s chalice.

Whether upon autumn’s leaves,
Or under a summer’s full moon.
Thoughts a Scorpio God weaves,
Beckoning to me, it will be soon.

I listen for your whispers above,
Telling truths of forbidden lust.
Promising forever a sinful love,
A true love I never feel is unjust.

Show me the way of desires fate,
Or of your memorable intentions.
In our Secret Place I’ll lie in wait,
To taste of your love’s creations.

Gently caressing my full breasts,
Taste my liquid sweetness inside.
Upon my womb your head rests.
Your heart, let it be your guide.

I promised never to fade away,
From our lover’s Secret Place.
Deep within my heart you’ll stay.
A look of longing upon your face.

Upon tangled emotions we ride.
Peace is found within our place.
Our feelings we openly confide,
Fears disappear without a trace.

I’ll meet you there each night,
As we fall into dream’s sleep.
Just beyond the moon’s light,
Where lover’s souls are to keep.

I lie in wait upon desires bed,
For lustful bodies to intertwine.
A Secret Place within our head,
Where we share our lover’s wine."

Writing.Com: Red Light Love

Writing.Com: Red Light Love: "You tell me of your need,
To do to me a sexual deed.
Of love you seem to profess,
Just to get me to undress.

If that’s the way it’s to be~
Then tell me, there’ll be a fee.
For then, I become your whore.
I’ll wait just outside the back door.

Fishnet stockings and short skirt~
Eyes telling me I’m lower than dirt.
Whispers and quiet hateful stares,
Knowing I’ll take your sexual dares.

From street corners to back alleys~
Over the hills, through the valleys.
Lustful acts and passionate sins,
Where only forbidden love wins.

You take the chance~I take the money.
For tonight you’ll call me your honey.
Red light shining brightly up above,
Tonight, a taste of red-light love."

Writing.Com: The Dance

Writing.Com: The Dance: "From out of the mist,
You will see my desire.
Walking towards you,
Within a passionate fire.
The lust in my eyes~
A seductive sway to my hips~
My finger rises slowly,
Touching my sweet lips.
Shh don’t say a word.
For I know your need,
I feel it often myself,
An enticing forbidden deed!
Shall I show you how?
Or show you the way?
Neither, for I know
You always know what to say.
Not uttering a word~
You embrace me close.
Not to let me go, but
Touching me,
Where I need it most.
A slow erotic dance~
Leading me into temptation.
I’ll follow you in rhythm,
Without a trace of hesitation."

Writing.Com: Sublime Passion

Writing.Com: Sublime Passion: "Gently touch her face,
Look quietly into her eyes.
Imagine her in lace,
Caress her womanly thighs.

Kissing her soft skin,
Smelling her lovely scent.
Wanting what lies within,
Head tilted, slightly bent.

Whispering words of desire,
She's moaning with such delight.
Stoking passion's fire,
Nibbling nipples, just a bite.

Slipping between her legs,
To taste her cream.
Waiting until she begs,
Making her scream.

Don't make her wait,
Give her what she needs.
It's certain fate,
Give in as she leads.

She'll arouse your lust,
Of this you are sure.
Show her your trust,
For you love just her.

Until passion subsides,
Touch her gently still.
Secrets she confides,
Taking what you will.

She is yours always,
Until the end of time.
All of her days,
A love so sublime."